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Benjamin Konrad was born in Hungary into a family of musicians which naturally led him to follow the same path and develop deep love for music. He earned his a bachelor's degree in violin and a master's degree in viola at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam he is a proud founding member of the Rijksmusic group.

Trained as a classical musician, he has had amazing opportunities to perform with different types of ensembles and orchestras including the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra and the Virtuoso Ensemble.

However, his real passion for various genres of music has led him to become a versatile performer, his current repertoire includes classical, pop, rock, musical and motion picture soundtracks.

Benjamin is currently focused on musical entertainment at events such as weddings, parties, concerts, but even funerals and school or company events and He has given more than 100 concerts in senior homes in the Netherlands both as a soloist and a chamber musician.


His main goal is to share his passion, love and joy for music and violin with his audience and help to make every event even more memorable and unforgettable.

Benjamin also offers private violin and viola lessons, so that He can pass on his knowledge and experience and reach even more people with the powerful sounds of a violin.

You can communicate with Benjamin in English, Hungarian, Spanish or Dutch.

Performance with Virtuoso Ensemble in Amsterdam

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